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location_onHokkaido, Japan
Kimono Rental and Strolling around Sapporo
Unique experiences
City sightseeing
Art, Culture & History
Sapporo, Japan
Hokkaido, Japan
Product Code: A-0508
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access_timeDuration 3hour(s)

Please enjoy taking photos, having lunch, and visiting wherever you'd like to go with wearing your favorite Kimono!


Standard plan

* The amount is subjected to the payment page.

The Highlight

👘Choose your favorite kimono from a large variety of patterns!

👘No need to bring anything! Suitcases can be brought in with prior declaration!

👘English-speaking dressing available! Book with confidence!

This activity does not have a photographer. Please take all pictures by yourself.

The Experience

Start renting a YUKATA that is cooler than a KIMONO

☆★Major upgrade of plans★☆

Let's go out to Sapporo wearing a traditional Japanese kimono! It's a 7-minute walk from Sapporo Station, so you can walk to the nearby Hokkaido Government Office, Odori Park, and Sapporo TV Tower. Furthermore, you can take a taxi to go to Hokkaido Shrine. Let's take a picture with beautiful flowers in the background in spring. In the summer, you can wear a yukata with the festival in the background, and in the fall, take pictures with the autumn leaves in the background. In winter, take pictures with the pure white snow and illuminations in the background! *This plan changes from kimono to yukata in the summer, mainly from July to August.

【About major upgrade】 Obi and kimono have been further upgraded! An obi with a light-colored pattern popular among young people and cute lace Obi. Colorful Obi-band. You can also try on fashionable clothes. Why don't you bring your own hair ornaments that you want to wear? It's okay even in the cold winter! If you are worried about it, you can wear one inside to protect against the cold. You can eat and drink while wearing a kimono! Please spend a wonderful time by stopping by a stylish cafe.

Rental goods: Includes undergarments, tabi socks, zori sandals, kimono bags for going out, and hair accessories (In winter, one piece of haori for going out, a poncho type coat)


  • Choose your favorite kimono. (About 5 minutes)
    Choose your favorite kimono. (About 5 minutes)
  • You will be dressed in a kimono (about 30-60 minutes)
    You will be dressed in a kimono (about 30-60 minutes)
  • ☆Going out while wearing a kimono
    ☆Going out while wearing a kimono
  • 17:30Take off the Kimono or Yukata (About 10-20 minutes) * Please come back to the Furifuri-mode 30 minutes before the store closes. *

Price Details

English staff
Makeup service
Clean clothes
Kimono cleaning fee

Add-on Items

Professional photographer - ¥ 17,800
A professional photographer will accompany you for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. About 150 photos ( We will send you the URL to download the photos by e-mail within 1-2 days after shooting.
Professional photographer

How to Use

  • Voucher will be sent via email. Please show your e-voucher at designated location.

Purchase Notice

・Please come back during business hours. If you return the kimono late to the business hours, you may be charged an additional fee.

・In most cases, there is no charge for dirt from walking, but there may be an additional charge for intentional dirt or extensive dirt.

・Please note that we do not have kimonos for children.

・We do not accept reservations for more than 5 people.

・It is possible to bring in suitcases, but we may refuse depending on the number. ・Please do not cancel without contacting us on the day. In that case, please understand that the fee cannot be refunded.

・Please do not be late for your reservation time. Late arrivals may not be served as usual. In some cases, we may refuse to do so.

・If you have any questions, please let us know by email. Email:

【Please note the lack of information】 We are seeing an increase in reservations with the same customer name. Please be aware that if the information is incorrect, your reservation may not be completed.

Cancellation Policy

Number of days prior to departure / Cancellation fee
  • Cancellation made at least 5 day(s) before departure date, Fully refundable (100% refund)
  • Cancel during 3 ~ 4 day(s) of departure, will charge 80%
  • Cancel during 0 ~ 2 day(s) of departure, Non-refundable (0% refund)


Destination Info

FURISODE ふりふり・もーど
Japan, 〒060-0002 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Kita 2 Jōnishi, 2-chōme, 第31桂和ビル 北2条ビル4F
〒060-0002 北海道札幌市中央区北2条西2丁目31 桂和北2条ビル4F
桂和北2条ビル4F *1F花の舞が目印

Kimono Rental and Strolling around Sapporo